Discover how All South Flooring leverages Averitt's comprehensive transportation and logistics services for greater supply chain efficiency. In this customer testimonial, Greg Capell, VP of Operations and Finance at All South Flooring, shares their journey of growth and the pivotal role Averitt's solutions play in their success. 

From enhancing service levels with innovative strategies to utilizing Averitt Connect for seamless operations, learn how our partnership provides All South Flooring a competitive edge in the wholesale floor covering distribution industry. Watch the video to see how our "Power of One" approach supports their ambition to become the premier flooring distributor in the Southeast.

Video Transcript

Greg Capell: My name is Greg Capell. I'm the VP of Operations and Finance here at All South Flooring. We're a wholesale floor covering distributor. We consider ourselves to be providers of solution-driven products, and really try to build our business on relationships, industry, knowledge, expertise, and providing quality products, competitive pricing, and the highest service levels that we can do. We can have the best product out there, but if we can't deliver it or meet a home closing or a project deadline, it doesn't really add any value. And that's where we lean on Averitt so much to deliver that. It's been an outstanding relationship and has only gotten better as the years have gone by.

We kind of approached Averitt with the proposition of, "Hey, can you guys drop an empty trailer to us at our warehouse?" Each day they went back to their team and found a way to make it happen. And what it's done is increase our service levels exponentially to our customers because we're able to load up to, and even after close of business in some instances. And when we go talk to our customers, it's almost like we're carrying Averitt with us in our product bag, right? We can deliver a product to you in one to two days for pretty much our entire footprint of our territory. So it gives us flexibility, it gives us a competitive advantage.

Maritza Autry: Our customers understand their business is important to us, but they are also important to us as a person. That's our culture. We see each other as a family, so therefore that reflects with our customers. We are there when they need us

Greg Capell: As a young business that you grow through multiple phases, and a piece of that is trying to find different technologies that increase your efficiency and allow you to operate at higher level. When Maritza approached us for Averitt Connect, once we were finally able to sit down and see a demo and see the practical application of the software, it was a no brainer for us. It made just the ease of quoting shipments, generating bill of ladings. The paper and workflow that we have internally, Averitt Connect, it's a huge value add for us.

Maritza Autry: Also, it's a fast growing company and our goal is to continue to grow with them. As they grow, we grow.

Greg Capell: We like to ship everything LTL, and as that volume picked up with Averitt, they garnered more of that business. And we still use Averitt for our truckload shipments. So we have domestic suppliers that we leverage their inventory and pull out of their inventory, and we try to do that as a truckload basis to keep the cost down. And Averitt is always quick to turn around a quote for us and is always very competitive. We found our home here in the Southeast, and then really what we want to do is become the premier flooring distributor, resilient flooring distributor in the Southeast. I think it suits Averitt's footprint well in that they service our entire territory and where we operate. And as much as we can, we love to continue to feed that business and develop that relationship with them.

Maritza Autry: We provide for them more than one service. LTL, Truckload, Distribution and Fulfillment, local moves and Averitt Connect. All South Flooring is a prime example of the Power of One.

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