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Your Road Guide to Worry-Free Shipping Between the U.S. and Canada

Shipping to and from Canada doesn't have to be a challenge. Our definitive guide takes you through the entire process from pickup to customs clearance and final delivery.


Streamlining Inbound Cargo Logistics: A Comprehensive Guide from port Logistics to Inland Distribution

A 20-page informative guide that illustrates how shippers can simplify their inbound supply chain to reduce costs, touchpoints, and headaches.

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Browse recent articles from our transportation industry blog, Point to Point, including timely information about current industry trends and tips for ensuring that your freight gets from origin to destination safely and securely.

5 min read

The Current Digital Transformation of Freight Transportation

While the Greek philosopher Heraclitus might not have had digital technology in mind when he wrote that “change is the...

4 min read

Point of View: Warehousing & Distribution In Q4 2023 & Beyond

In a recent interview with Ed Smith, Vice President of Averitt Distribution and Fulfillment, we gained valuable...

7 min read

Navigating Peak Seasons: How Retailers Optimize Supply Chains for Holiday Success

The holiday season is a critical time for retailers, presenting both sizable opportunities and significant challenges....