Domestic Bills of Lading
Online Form
Edit / Print Blank Bill of Lading - Side 1
Edit / Print Blank Bill of Lading - Side 2
Averitt VICS Bill of Lading
Print Blank VICS Bill of Lading
Print Blank VICS BOL Supplement Page
Mexico Bills of Lading
Editable BOL
Print Blank Bill of Lading - Side 1
Print Blank Bill of Lading - Side 2
USMCA Certificate of Origin
Canada Documents
Customs Invoice
USMCA Certificate of Origin
Certificate of Insurance Request
Online Form
Other International Forms
Instructions for completion of SED
Shipper's Export Declaration Authorization (SED)
Generic Commercial Invoice
CTPAT Status Verification Interface (SVI) Number
Cargo Claims Documents
Loss/Damage Claim - Front
Loss/Damage Claim - Back (Print Back Page in landscape format)
Standard Letter of Reconsignment
Freezable Freight Waiver

Additional Averitt Permits & Registrations

Visit our Permits & Registrations page for additional documentation, including Averitt's Operating Authority, HM-232 security certification, international certifications, insurance liability, and much more.

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