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5 Advantages of Outsourcing Dedicated Fleet Operations

By Point To Point on April, 17 2024

When it comes to simplifying and streamlining transportation management, using a dedicated fleet within your operations can give you total control of your shipping needs. On the other hand, managing a dedicated fleet can also be a very time-consuming and resource-heavy burden for organizations of any size.

Topics: Supply Chain Trucking Freight Handling Dedicated
6 min read

Savannah, GA - A Key Player in International Trade

By Point To Point on April, 9 2024

For many, the name Savannah evokes images of moss-draped oaks and historic cobblestone streets. Yet beneath this picturesque Southern charm lies another reality altogether: the city's role as one of the most important logistics and distribution centers in international trade. Several factors contribute to Savannah’s rise as a global logistics hub.

Topics: International Supply Chain Trucking Location Highlights
4 min read

Eclipsing Expectations: Navigating the 2024 Solar Eclipse

By Point To Point on April, 2 2024

The upcoming solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024, promises to be a captivating astronomical event, but it could also affect supply chains and transportation, especially without proper planning. Here's a short guide on what you need to know about this rare occurrence, along with crucial transportation tips. 

Topics: Industry News Supply Chain
3 min read

Beyond Delivery: How All South Flooring Achieves More with Averitt

By Point To Point on March, 18 2024

Discover how All South Flooring leverages Averitt's comprehensive transportation and logistics services for greater supply chain efficiency. In this customer testimonial, Greg Capell, VP of Operations and Finance at All South Flooring, shares their journey of growth and the pivotal role Averitt's solutions play in their success.

Topics: Technology Truckload Case Study LTL Distribution and Fulfillment
6 min read

Spirits in Motion: Insight into Crafting the Logistics of Bourbon and Beyond

By Point To Point on March, 14 2024

As the only alcohol legally designated as a product of the U.S. by the Senate Concurrent Resolution 19 of 1964, it’s no wonder bourbon has profoundly shaped the taste palette across both the nation and the world. With 95% of the world's bourbon made in Kentucky, the state is known as an epicenter for spirits production.

In the past few years, the bourbon and spirits industry has seen a surge in growth. Amidst this dynamic landscape, Averitt has carved out a distinctive role in supporting and enhancing the spirits supply chain. In an insightful interview with Todd Harrett, one of Averitt’s Transportation Specialists, we unravel the company's journey, its impact on the industry, and the unique strategies that set Averitt apart.

Topics: Supply Chain Trucking Spirits
4 min read

Unlocking the Potential of Pool Distribution in Supply Chains

By Point To Point on March, 4 2024

In the complex world of freight logistics, companies are constantly seeking innovative solutions to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize their environmental impact. One such solution is pool distribution. Let’s examine what pool distribution is and the advantages of incorporating it into your transportation strategy.

Topics: Supply Chain Truckload LTL
12 min read

Shipper 101: Understanding the Basics of Freight Shipping

By Point To Point on February, 26 2024

Freight shipping is a fundamental element of global trade and the backbone of supply chains worldwide. It involves the movement of goods from manufacturers to markets, which is vital in keeping the wheels of commerce turning. Understanding the principles of freight movement is essential for businesses and individuals engaged in shipping or receiving goods.

Topics: Intermodal International Supply Chain Truckload LTL Trucking Freight Handling
7 min read

Smart LTL Rate Management with Modern TMS Solutions

By Point To Point on February, 19 2024

Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping presents several unique challenges in the world of freight and logistics. Chief among these is LTL rate management – due largely to the sheer number of factors that influence LTL shipping rates.

Topics: Supply Chain Technology LTL Trucking Freight Handling
14 min read

Your Road Guide to Worry-Free Shipping Between the U.S. and Canada

By Point To Point on February, 12 2024

The United States and Canada have long enjoyed a special relationship forged by shared geography, similar values, and strong economic ties. They share the longest international border (at 5,525 miles) and the strongest bilateral trade relationship (with nearly $2.6 billion exchanged every day) of any two countries in the world. Despite some challenges in recent years – such as domestic economic anxiety, COVID-19, and national security concerns – the two countries retain a partnership model unlike any other. In fact, the U.S. continues to be the primary source of goods imported into Canada, with China a distant second.

Topics: International Cross-Border White Papers