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Regional vs. Centralized Distribution: Evaluating Approaches for Quick Delivery and Fulfillment

By Averitt on December, 5 2023

Identifying the most optimum distribution strategy is crucial for shippers to streamline the movement of goods and enhance supply chain efficiency. There are two primary types of distribution strategies that leverage warehouses to stage freight for distribution to final destinations: regional and centralized.

Topics: Supply Chain Trucking Warehouse Distribution and Fulfillment
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Supply Chain Trends: Micro-Fulfillment, Nearshoring, & Technology

By Point To Point on October, 17 2023

The e-commerce landscape has witnessed a significant transformation over the past few years. In 2022 alone, e-commerce sales in the U.S. exceeded a staggering $1 trillion. This shift has prompted businesses of all types to reevaluate their distribution strategies to meet the ever-growing consumer demand for faster deliveries.

Topics: International Industry News Supply Chain Technology Distribution and Fulfillment
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Point of View: Warehousing & Distribution In Q4 2023 & Beyond

By Point To Point on September, 19 2023

In a recent interview with Ed Smith, Vice President of Averitt Distribution and Fulfillment, we gained valuable insights into the current state of the warehousing market. In the discussion, Smith highlights the current challenges and shifts in consumer dynamics that are playing out in the marketplace.

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Foreign Trade Zones and bonded warehouses: Clearing up misconceptions

By Point To Point on August, 24 2022

For all the variables of international commerce – with its endless combinations of commodities, origins, and destinations – there are still some things all shippers have in common: a desire to streamline the supply chain and reduce freight costs.

Topics: International Distribution and Fulfillment
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The Rise of Micro-Fulfillment Centers

By Point To Point on May, 9 2022

It’s no secret that the last decade has seen a dramatic rise in e-commerce. While as recently as 2011, the segment accounted for barely 5% of retail sales, that percentage has grown steadily – reaching nearly 20% in 2021. And forecasts indicate that by 2025, e-commerce will make up roughly a quarter of all global retail sales. 

Topics: Technology Distribution and Fulfillment