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Shipper 101: Understanding the Basics of Freight Shipping

By Point To Point on February, 26 2024

Freight shipping is a fundamental element of global trade and the backbone of supply chains worldwide. It involves the movement of goods from manufacturers to markets, which is vital in keeping the wheels of commerce turning. Understanding the principles of freight movement is essential for businesses and individuals engaged in shipping or receiving goods.

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Unveiling Chicago's Role as an International Logistics Powerhouse

By Point To Point on June, 5 2023

Call it what you will – the Windy City, Chi-Town, the City of Big Shoulders – Chicago has a unique place in the pantheon of American cities. 

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Large Railroad Labor Unions Strike Update

By Point To Point on September, 12 2022

UPDATE (Nov 30, 2022): The United States government has initiated legislation to step in with an intervention aimed at preventing a rail workers' strike as we move into December. Averitt continues to monitor this situation closely and we are working to ensure all freight continues to flow smoothly for our customers.

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Intermodal Shipping: 3 Reasons To Ship By Rail

By Point To Point on February, 7 2019

Transportation costs can quickly eat into budgets that involve long haul shipments. As more businesses struggle to find long haul capacity due to the driver shortage, intermodal shipping is increasingly a viable option. 

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How Inland Ports Yield International Supply Chain Benefits

By Point To Point on April, 27 2018

The growth of the globalized economy has led to more supply chains that rely on importing and exporting through the nation's busy seaports. This increase in international business, however, has also led to increased supply chain costs as a result of cargo congestion and capacity constraints around the seaports. Adding to the issue, fewer drivers are available to move containers long distances inland to shipper destinations, which can lead to delays.

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Could Intermodal Services Solve Your Capacity Challenges?

By Point To Point on September, 28 2017

Capacity crunches can be one of the biggest headaches for shippers. Tightened capacity can lead to higher transportation costs and increased potential for delays when you can't find space. With today's challenging market conditions, many shippers are looking to rail transportation as a possible remedy for their capacity problems.

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Pool Distribution: Cutting Costs And Time In The Long Haul

By Point To Point on May, 15 2017

When you ship in volume, using less-than-truckload (LTL) for distribution is generally the most cost-effective solution for regional and short haul transportation. However, if your freight is moving a long distance, such as from the West Coast to locations across the country, the cost of moving multiple less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments can quickly add up.

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Shipping By Train or Truck: That Is The Question

By Point To Point on August, 23 2016

It's a variation on a classic children's math problem: "If a freight train travelling 50 mph and a truck travelling 65 mph leave at the same time, where will your freight be tomorrow morning?"

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