UPDATE (Nov 30, 2022): The United States government has initiated legislation to step in with an intervention aimed at preventing a rail workers' strike as we move into December. Averitt continues to monitor this situation closely and we are working to ensure all freight continues to flow smoothly for our customers.

UPDATE (Nov 22, 2022): With recent announcements from several railroad unions on Nov 21 about a failure to come to an agreement on work contract updates, the industry is on watch once again for a potential strike by rail workers as early as December 9, 2022. Averitt will continue to monitor the discussions and updates in order to provide continuity of professional service to our customers as this situation continues to develop.

UPDATE (Sept 15, 2022): As of today, it seems like the rail strike threatened earlier this week has been averted through negotiations between labor unions representing the rail industry and federal labor officials. Averitt continues to monitor the situation very closely and will provide any needed updates to our customers as the situation develops.

(FROM Sept 12, 2022): With all the industry news circulating about the current state of strike talks within the rail industry, we are sure you are concerned about capacity. Here at Averitt, we are monitoring the situation closely, and have already ensured that any of our customers' shipments that we have direct control of are not on the rail this week.

Be aware: if your shipment is with a steamship line or other third-party, you will need to contact them directly for assistance. Please be aware that Averitt offers alternative options, including nationwide full truckload and LTL, as well as global and domestic air cargo capabilities to help you if needed.