In late 2022, nearly 1,800 shippers participated in the 8th annual State of the North American Supply Chain Survey. Respondents were asked a series of questions to gauge the challenges they encountered last year. Additionally, we asked the group what they foresee as their biggest challenges and opportunities in the months ahead.

At the conclusion of the survey, we compiled the results into a white paper that provides valuable insights from the shipping community.

Answers to questions asked in the survey that can be found in the white paper, include:

  • Whether or not shippers anticipate higher freight volumes in 2023
  • The biggest supply chain challenges faced by shippers in 2022
  • Which coasts shippers plan to move cargo through in 2023
  • And more...

Download the white paper now to begin planning out your supply chain strategy for the year ahead.

Click Here To Download The  2023 Survey Results White Paper