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Large Railroad Labor Unions Strike Update

By Point To Point on September, 12 2022

UPDATE (Sept 15, 2022): As of today, it seems like the rail strike threatened earlier this week has been averted through negotiations between labor unions representing the rail industry and federal labor officials. Averitt continues to monitor the situation very closely and will provide any needed updates to our customers as the situation develops.

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Cargo Thieves Are Switching Targets – And Tactics

By Point To Point on July, 6 2022

It’s an unfortunate reality of the business – cargo has always been vulnerable to theft.

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Final Mile & Warehousing: Shipper Needs More Apparent Than Ever

By Point To Point on January, 19 2022

During the first year of the pandemic, online shopping surged as more consumers sought an alternative to crowded marketplaces. According to Digital Commerce 360 (DC360), e-commerce sales experienced an astounding 32.4% year-over-year growth in 2020. Last year, however, the widespread availability of vaccines and periods of lower COVID-19 cases led more shoppers back out into the brick-and-mortar environment.

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3 Often-Overlooked Ways to Create a More Sustainable Supply Chain

By Point To Point on November, 23 2021

Consumers and companies alike are more conscientious about their environmental impact than ever before. Every day, organizations are expected to meet increasingly strict sustainability standards.

And supply chains are particular objects of scrutiny.

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Why Reverse Logistics Matter to Your Supply Chain Success

By Point To Point on November, 23 2021

The meteoric rise in e-commerce over the last several years has led to unprecedented retail sales. Unfortunately, it has also led to an unprecedented number of returns. It’s estimated that 30% of online orders are returned, as opposed to just under 9% for goods purchased from a brick & mortar retailer. Tracking these aftermarket activities can provide insight into your overall logistics management. Which is why shippers and suppliers alike need a sound reverse logistics plan.

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Transportation Management Systems: Simplify Your Shipping Efforts

By Point To Point on November, 23 2021

The term ‘Transportation Management System’ has become increasingly common in the logistics industry as companies look for ways to remain competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.

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Cross Docking Services: On The Move With Minimal Warehousing

By Point To Point on March, 24 2021

When it comes to volume shipments, distribution can become complex. From managing multiple pickup and delivery points across LTL and full load operations, finding ways to increase efficiency and reduce overall costs is an achievable goal. Utilizing cross docking services is a prime example of how shippers can find ways to save time, money and paperwork.

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eOn Sanitizing Mist: Company In Motion Makes A Continuous Spray

By Point To Point on September, 21 2020

Many shippers have modified their operations to adapt in a COVID-19 world. In some cases, that’s meant responding to supply challenges. In others, it’s meant changing their manufacturing process to produce badly needed safety equipment.

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A COVID-19 Vaccine Will Have Rippling Supply Chain Effects

By Point To Point on September, 21 2020

This will certainly go down in history as one of the most challenging years shippers have ever faced.  However, it is the events that may unfold in the months ahead that will be written about in articles and industry textbooks for years and even decades to come.

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