With more than 15,000 associates and 300+ locations around the globe, Flowserve is one of the largest industrial and environmental machinery suppliers. And with a history that dates back over 200 years, the organization knows a thing or two about the critical importance of building strong partnerships with its service providers.

In the video below, Bart Hillis, a Regional Logistics Manager for Flowserve, discusses the benefits the company has experienced through its strong partnership with Averitt.


Transcription of the Video:

Flowserve is a global corporation. We've got roughly 300 sites around the world. Our mission is to provide the best-in-class flow control solutions. We service sectors, such as oil and gas, chemical, water, and power.

In my seven years (at Flowserve), Averitt has been a core partner for Flowserve, both, locally with the Cookeville plant; as well as throughout the Southeastern U.S.

Averitt is unique amongst competitors in the service realm. I think regionally-speaking, the reputation you (Averitt) have allows customers to feel confident in handing over our material and handing over our shipments — confidence that the shipment is not only going to arrive on time but in the condition that it left. That's really important when we're talking about high-value items and lucrative customer relationships that we want to continue to build.

Throughout the last 18 months, in particular, as we have navigated this pandemic and the subsequent market conditions that it has created, Averitt has stood out amongst competitors with the ability to meet or exceed our KPIs. I can't think of a single month that we've had a business review that Averitt has not met the KPIs that we put in place.

From on-time delivery to claims percentage, to billing accuracy, EDI connections...all of the above. It's really been a productive partnership and one that is of noteworthy performance.

You can tell a lot by the lack of conversation that you have about a partner. I think that the silence is deafening in this case where we don't get the negative feedback or the problems that we have to chase with Averitt that we might see from of competitors. I think it is a very fruitful relationship and one that I'm proud that we've built and continue to grow.