Customer Testimonial: Supply Chain Success In The Retail World

Craig Barnell, General Manager of Connecticut-based Fishers Finery, utilizes the services of Averitt Express on many different levels. From importing to warehousing and delivery, "The Power of One" gives Barnell the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that he has: One Contact. One Invoice. One Partner.



Transcript of Testimonial:

"As an e-commerce platform, selling our own brand, we are as many small business owners - resource-driven and with limited resources. 

Every minute that we don't have to spend worrying about logistics, supply chain management, transportation solutions, valuable time that we can spend growing our brand.

We embarked on finding a transportation solutions provider and supply chain management partner and came upon Averitt...and have been doing business with them now for going on five years. And the relationship has been remarkable.

It is without question that our relationship with Averitt has allowed us to direct resources to the core areas that have helped grow our business over 200% year over year for two consecutive years.

Probably the single greatest asset that we've discovered is we have single-source point of contact for all of our needs, including booking, customs clearance, intermodal, LTL service, we also employ Averitt for warehousing and B2B (business-to-business) fulfillment and have found the competency and the professionalism to be unparalleled.

We did try a couple other solutions, some very large companies and found that we just didn't enjoy the same level of service that we've enjoyed with Averitt.

The Averitt solution, when compared against other people that we looked at to provide services, not only handled our transportation issues and our supply chain management directly from the manufacturers we use in China, it also allowed us the flexibility to use warehousing solutions in the United States based in close proximity to Amazon warehouses.

The cost benefit has been extraordinary. Shipping from warehouses that are located near the largest Amazon warehouses has made our transportation costs going from our storage facility with Averitt populating into Amazon from a B2B standpoint, drop dramatically. It's really been beneficial."Want To Learn More?  Download The Fishers Finery Case Study Now