Averitt is a trusted and reliable transportation and supply chain solutions provider that plays a crucial role in supporting Kentucky's bourbon and spirits industry. Backed by over 50 years of award-winning service, Averitt helps distillers, bottlers, and other associated businesses achieve their transportation goals with customized solutions.

Watch the video to learn how our team has partnered with Pinhook Bourbon, Castle & Key Distillery, and Kentucky Artisan Distillery to help them satisfy the growing demand for their exceptional products. 

Learn More About Averitt's Partnership  With Kentucky's Bourbon & Spirits Industry

Transcription of the Video:

Sam Tabor (Pinhook Bourbon): In the bourbon industry, we are constantly dealing with time-sensitive production. There's really key parts of the year where things really need to go off without a hitch so that we can have product on the shelves when it needs to be there.

Todd Harrett (Averitt): One thing that Pinhook Bourbon has done from the beginning is they focused on making quality, small batch, hard to find, rare Kentucky bourbon.

Sam Tabor: We're a non-distilling producer. What Averitt does for us is picks up barrels, and transports them from distiller to bottler on time. And that's just one less thing that we have to worry about, and so they coordinate everything with the warehouse and they take it completely off my hands.

Todd Harrett: So at Averitt we have what we go by to make good decisions and judgment, called The Winner's Circle. It means that if something is good for our customers, it's good for our associates and it's good for our future, we do it, and here in Kentucky, bourbon is definitely about our future.

Through the relationship of working with Pinhook Bourbon, we at Averitt found Castle & Key.

Brittany Rodgers (Castle & Key Distillery): Castle & Key is a Kentucky spirits distillery here in Millville, Kentucky. Our relationship with Pinhook has been great over the past six to eight years. We've done everything for them, we've distilled for them, we've aged for them, we've bottled for them, so we've got to experience a lot of different parts of the business with them. And, so when we started shipping out a ton of barrels, we reached out to multiple different trucking companies and Averitt really came through with the most competitive pricing and the communication and customer service with them has just been above and beyond for us.

Todd Harrett: Castle & Key went out and found this old abandoned building. Now, something that was ruins is really just a wonderful treasure for the State of Kentucky, and we just want to add to that. We just want to keep them healthy, move their bourbon, bring in their goods, do whatever we can so they can thrive.

Sam Tabor: We use other bottling vendors, such as Kentucky Artisan Distillery. What Averitt is able to do for us is transport barrels.

Charisse Woods (Kentucky Artisan Distillery): Logistics is a big part of my job day to day. There's always things moving between either the distillery, the warehouses. We harvest the barrels for Pinhook, we then bottle those barrels into the glass we receive, bottles are packaged up, sent down to the warehouse. Averitt's a key part in supplying and shipping those as soon as possible.

Todd Harrett: Something I'm very excited about at Averitt is we are opening a 324,000 square foot Distribution and Fulfillment Center in Louisville, Kentucky, and sometimes one of the bottlenecks is the distilleries don't have a place to put material, so we want to take away those bottlenecks. Bourbon has the highest standards in the spirits industry for production. I draw that parallel sometimes, because at Averitt I feel we have the highest standards in the transportation industry, so we are the bourbon of transportation.

Sam Tabor: At Pinhook, the thing that we value most is our partnerships and expanding them, so we went with the company that we trust the most, and that's Averitt.

Learn More About Averitt's Partnership  With Kentucky's Bourbon & Spirits Industry