Since its introduction to the music festival scene in 2002, Bonnaroo has boasted record-breaking numbers of attendees and set the stage for many notable performances. And any Bonnaroovian will agree that the ‘Roo lives up to its name, which comes from a Creole slang term meaning “a really good time.” 

Prepare Thyself - A Tenet of the Bonnaroovian Code

Navigating Centeroo can be difficult not just for festival newbies, but for transporting equipment in and out as well.

Each artist that performs has their own equipment and necessities that need to be brought into The Farm for their shows — not to mention the lights, staging, and other equipment for the festival itself.  

The average attendance for Bonnaroo is over 70,000, with the highest being around 100,000 in 2012. That, including over 100 artists coming and going over the four-day event, can lead to chaos if the logistics behind the scenes isn’t coordinated.

It requires careful forethought and consideration. Making sure the correct equipment goes to What Stage or Which Stage, This Tent or That Tent, are challenges that must be met with 100% accuracy in order for the show to go on. 

Bonnaroo Which Stage

Averitt’s On Tour Logistics (OTL) team works with both Bonnaroo and a large number of the artists, production companies and sponsors attending the event. We are proud to have supported the festival for nine consecutive years.

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OTL drivers come in to deliver Bonnaroo’s lighting, audio and video production equipment three to four days before festivalgoers arrive.  

When it comes to delivering an artist’s gear to Bonnaroo, the OTL driver(s) assigned to the performer typically arrives at the festival on an extremely time-sensitive schedule the day of the performance — even as early as 1AM. Because of the packed schedule of the festival, and the sheer number of artists moving in and out, there is very little room for error or delays in moving gear and production equipment. Immediately after a performance has ended, most trucks must load up and move out to ensure the next artist’s gear can be unloaded and set up.  

“Efficiently moving trucks in and out of the stage area is an art within itself,” says OTL operations manager Alexandra Swafford. “In a busy year, we can easily have 20+ trucks moving in and out of Bonnaroo.” 

Trucks Behind Stage Bonnaroo

To help circumvent the crowds, trucks pass through their own security checkpoints and use designated routes and areas to get in and out of Centeroo, where all of the stages are located, and The Farm in general. 

Such a large event, especially one in Averitt’s own Tennessee backyard, is a responsibility that the team doesn’t take lightly. They are all systems go when it comes to making sure everything is in the right place. From our operations team at our corporate headquarters in Cookeville to the numerous drivers making the runs to and from The Farm, it takes a special behind-the-scenes dedication and strong teamwork to ensure festivalgoers and artists alike have an unforgettable time at Bonnaroo.  

Dedicated To Keeping The Show Going

Averitt’s On Tour Logistics specializes in delivering customized solutions for the production and entertainment industries. With our decades of experience and proven reputation for safety, we’ve become a trusted partner for many in the entertainment industry.

Whether it's managing the logistical needs for a recording artist's worldwide stadium tour, or moving sensitive lighting rigs for a local event, the drivers and associates behind OTL ensure that your event comes off without a hitch. 

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