Safety Initiatives At Averitt

How Does Averitt Measure Safe-Driving Performance?

Several factors contribute to safe operations, including quality drivers and equipment. We track the performance of our drivers, equipment, and entire company through our series of indicators. Continually striving to have the safest fleet on the road, total accidents are measured per million miles driven. Additionally, we measure ourselves against our own strong safety record, striving for improvement every year.

Averitt also employs a force of eight regional safety coordinators whose responsibilities include:

  • Measure and monitor driver performance
  • Investigate accidents and claims
  • Conduct paperwork and vehicle audits
  • Certify trainers 

Our team also closely monitors driver hours of service records and reviews motorist reports to assist with drier coaching. To improve safety, we invest in technology solutions that can help improve our drivers’ performance, assist with decision making, and mitigate risk. 


What Type Of Safety Training Do Averitt Drivers Receive?

New Averitt drivers complete several days of onboarding. This training focuses on driving techniques, operational technology training, accident reporting, equipment and maintenance information, hours of service compliance and seat belt usage.

Additionally, new drivers attend our  onboarding during the last week of their training. This is an extensive backing and turning program that ensures they’re well prepared for the road. This unique training allows drivers to learn as a team, develop  trust and, even more important, learn self-confidence.

All drivers are also required to complete regular OSHA, FMCSA, and Safety training programs programs. To keep safe driving practices at the forefront of everything we do, we also provide periodic on-site classroom training programs and require drivers to take a variety of online safety courses.


What Safety Features Do Averitt's Tractors Have?

As part of our continuing emphasis on safety and technology, we're continually cycling in new tractors with the latest dynamic technology and equipment features that ensure our driving associates stay safe on the roadways. 

Our tractors feature various safety technologies, including:

  • Collision-avoidance systems
  • Anti-jackknife systems
  • Forward-facing event recorders
  • Rollover stability systems
  • Lane departure warning
  • and more

Along with other safety-related technologies, these upgrades have resulted in considerable improvements to the performance of our fleet. We are always looking into new technologies that will help protect our drivers.


What Is Averitt's Preventive Maintenance Program?

A robust maintenance program is essential to identify any issues that could affect safety, such as problems with brakes, tires, or lights. We provide regular training for our maintenance technicians and offer the latest tooling and solutions.

Tractors are scheduled to receive preventative maintenance inspections. These inspections involve checking vehicle brakes, tires, filters, fluids, etc. We also implement safety campaigns to ensure all maintenance is current.

We take maintenance seriously. Our policies meet or exceed DOT regulations, ensuring that every vehicle is always in peak operating condition. Drivers are expected to do a thorough, standardized pre- and post-trip inspection of their equipment to address any issues before the equipment hits the road.

Our fleet has received multiple Tennessee Trucking Association awards for fleet safety and is regarded as one of the country's cleanest, safest fleets. Our safety leaders are also regularly recognized for their individual efforts. 


How Does Averitt Screen Its Driver Candidates?

Our commitment to safe driving starts with the application process. All driver applicants undergo an interview and a series of screenings to ensure they are the best people for the job.

These screenings include a review of the applicant's commercial and individual driving record, a criminal background check, a drug screen, a check for compliance through the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, and a  review of past drug and alcohol test results. All associates certified to operate a commercial vehicle may be drug tested after an accident, for reasonable suspicion, or as part of random, unannounced testing.

Because drivers’ physical health is central to safety, all our drivers must have a physical examination by a doctor every two years at a minimum.


Does Averitt Have Any Incentive Programs For Driver Safety?

Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done, and drivers are regularly honored for their safe driving milestones.

Since 2017, we have operated our accident awareness/incentive program called Partners In Prevention, which encourages operations leadership to stay active in preventing accidents and injuries. 


How Does Averitt Support Drivers Throughout Their Careers? 

Creating a safe and secure work environment takes constant effort, and we are committed to improving our drivers’ experiences through ongoing investments in their training and the equipment they drive. We take a holistic approach to our drivers’ well-being and have the right team in place to support drivers and address their needs. 


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