Business Recovery Plan

Averitt Express has a comprehensive disaster preparedness and recovery plan that ensures our ability to continue serving you in the event of disaster or emergency.

Our disaster recovery planning starts at our corporate office, where we maintain a thorough Emergency Response Plan that is continuously updated through a series of regularly recurring meetings of key associates.

At the corporate level, we have planned out responses to emergency situations that could happen both at our corporate office and at any of our service centers nationwide. We appoint teams to handle various emergency roles, including teams to facilitate efficient associate-, facility- and equipment-sharing to make sure we do everything within our abilities to maintain our standards of service in the event one or more of our service centers—even our corporate office—is forced to shut down.

Also, our service centers have Emergency Response Plans that mirror the one housed and continuously updated at our corporate office. With the assistance of our security team, local service centers are best able to craft disaster recovery plans that are customized to local factors—hurricane planning for coastal service centers, or blizzard planning for northern service centers, for example.

It is our responsibility to prepare for emergencies and disasters that could affect the service we deliver to you. Rest assured it’s a responsibility we take very seriously.


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