COOKEVILLE, Tenn. — Averitt Express has unveiled a new modular crate system called Smart Crate. Designed to reduce damages in transit, Smart Crate uses state-of-the-art sensor and communications technologies to also provide real-time location tracking and condition monitoring.

Smart Crate was designed and engineered over the course of two years in collaboration with Nashville-based manufacturer Logistics Advanced Research Center.

Compared with traditional wooden crates, Smart Crate can provide savings on packaging costs of up to 40% per shipment and reduce product transit time by allowing crating to occur at the point of production. Manufactured using all recyclable materials, the system also reduces environmental impact caused using wooden crates.

Smart Crate’s sensors provide a wide range of transit condition monitoring, including temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, light and acceleration. The modular design of the system also allows shippers to transport products of various sizes that range from computer servers to delicate mechanical components.

“A great amount of detail and attention has been put into the conception and creation of Smart Crate,” said Wayne Spain, Averitt’s president and chief operating officer. “Our team is excited to offer this environmentally friendly product to shippers that enables them to improve the overall performance of their supply chain.”

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