Each month, more and more Averitt associates are making major career milestones. From joining the ranks of our Over 20 Team to meeting safe driving accomplishments, these associates have played a major role in driving our company forward. 

Associate Years Of Service Milestones

30 Years

  • Dwayne Allen (Knoxville, TN, OS&D)
  • Robert Bates (Chattanooga, TN, city driver)
  • Darrell Bohannon (Cookeville, TN, preventive maintenance associate)
  • John Hoffmeister (Cookeville, TN, Truckload pricing manager)
  • Mylon Morgan (Chattanooga, TN, frontline leader)

25 Years

  • Teddy Ford (Kingsport, TN, city driver)
  • Gene Hill (Knoxville, TN, city driver)
  • John Mevorach (Orlando, FL, city driver)

20 Years

  • Lisa Dodson (Cookeville, TN, Supply Chain Solutions associate)
  • Jeff Murphy (Cookeville, TN, corporate associate)
  • Selina Ross (Cookeville, TN, Centralized Billing manager)
  • Jennifer Shuster (Cookeville, TN, director of international solutions)
  • Earl Smith (Kingsport, TN, city driver)
  • Sam Steptoe (Clarksville, TN, Truckload driver)
  • Ed Sturgeon (Orlando, FL, city driver)
  • Richard Summers (Jackson, MS, dock associate)
  • Josh Taylor (Houston, TX, frontline leader)
  • Ruth Vega (Cookeville, TN, corporate associate)

Associate Safe Driving Milestones

30 Years

  • Mike Sandor (Decatur, AL, city driver)

25 Years

  • Casey O’Hern (Tampa, FL, shuttle driver)
  • Thomas Weaver Jr. (Jacksonville, FL, shuttle driver)


  • William Berry Jr. (Fishersville, VA, shuttle driver)
  • Andy Hale (Nashville, TN, city driver)
  • Julian Settle (Greensboro, NC, city driver)
  • John Shawver (Memphis, TN, sleeper shuttle driver)
  • Eddie Wells (Cincinnati, OH, shuttle driver)

Photo: Knoxville associate Dwayne Allen (l) celebrated 30 years of service with Averitt.

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