COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (June 14, 2016) — For the seventh consecutive year, Averitt Express has been honored by Inbound Logistics magazine as a “Green 75 Supply Chain Partner.”

In its group of winners - also known as “G75” partners - Inbound Logistics focuses on showcasing companies that demonstrate green best practices in their supply chain, logistics and transportation operations. The criteria for the honor include: measurable green results, sustainability innovation, continuous improvement, and industry recognition.

“Our team takes pride in providing outstanding customer service, and doing that in a way that focuses on environmental stewardship and sustainability,” said Averitt president and chief operating officer Wayne Spain.

A charter member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program, Averitt has taken numerous steps to limit its environmental impact, including:

  • Rewarding associates for conservation efforts, including improved miles-per-gallon rating and reduced energy usage
  • Using only ULSD (ultra-low-sulfur diesel) at in-house fueling stations
  • Equipping tractors with APUs (auxiliary power units), and using leading-edge software to plan efficient routes
  • Establishing fleet speed limits, and governing tractors accordingly
  • Using low-viscosity lubricants/engine oils, lowering the frequency of maintenance service intervals and producing fewer waste products
  • Capturing 100% of the Freon when servicing tractors' air-conditioning units and recycling accordingly
  • Recycling all used oil and oil filters, and recovering and reusing antifreeze from tractors when possible
  • Providing receptacles for and encouraging recycling of plastic and aluminum containers, and recycling cardboard at all facilities

Averitt’s current SmartWay score is 1.25, which according to the EPA represents outstanding environmental performance. Partners with this score are already utilizing most of the commercially available fuel savings strategies and are actively evaluating the latest emerging technologies.

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