Each month, more and more Averitt associates are making major career milestones. From joining the ranks of our Over 20 Team to meeting safe driving accomplishments, these associates have played a major role in driving our company forward. 



Associate Years Of Service Milestones

35 Years

  • Robert Taylor (Nashville, TN, Preventative Maintenance)

30 Years

  • Doug Box (Memphis,TN, City Driver)
  • Robert Campbell III (Decatur, GA, Shuttle Driver)
  • Alan Caperton (Nashville, TN, Preventative Maintenance)
  • Dwayne Christians (Nashville, TN, Frontline Leader)
  • Randy Emmitt (Nashville, TN, City Driver)
  • Herman "Pete" Hand (Jackson, TN, Frontline Leader) 
  • John Martin (Cookeville, TN, Corporate Associate)
  • Mike Monin (Regional Vice President)
  • Dale Roach (Cookeville, TN, Shuttle Driver)
  • Tim Rorabaugh (Atlanta, GA, Shuttle Driver)
  • Steve Steverson (Memphis, TN, City Driver)
  • Tommy Webb (Jacksonville, FL, Service Center Director)

25 Years

  • Dwayne Cox (Jacksonville, FL, Shuttle Driver)
  • Ronald Hobbs (Atlanta, GA, City Driver)
  • Joe Meguiar (Bowling Green, KY, Shuttle Driver)
  • Jeffrey Philbeck (West Palm Beach, FL, Shuttle Driver)

20 Years

  • Ty Moore (Atlanta, GA, Dock Associate)
  • Joe Morrow (Dallas, TX, Preventative Maintenance)
  • Donna Phy (Cookeville, TN, Corporate Associate)
  • Donald Priest (Greensboro, NC, Shuttle Driver)
  • Russell Williams (Houston, TX, City Driver)

Associate Safe Driving Milestones

30 Years

  • John Kelley (Memphis, TN, Shuttle Driver)
  • Michael Smith (Jackson, TN, Shuttle Driver)

25 Years

  • Roger Cooper (Supply Chain Driver)

20 Years

  • Don Clouse (Corbin-London, Shuttle Driver)
  • Steve Sutton (Owensboro, KY, Truckload Driver)
  • Del Tipton (Louisville, KY City Driver)
  • Michael Vinson (Eastern, NC, City Driver)

Photo: Atlanta associate Ty Moore (L) celebrated 20 years of service with Averitt.

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