Averitt ExactRate

A Revolutionary Dynamic Pricing System for LTL Shippers

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What Is ExactRate?

An innovative dynamic pricing system for LTL shippers, ExactRate is designed to simplify the complexities of pricing by offering real-time decisions based on cost and demand curves, generating precise rates that reflect market dynamics.

This allows you to easily access net prices and make more informed decisions about your freight. The system also enhances visibility and transparency, offering increased insights into discounted lanes and shipment requirements. 


Revolutionary Technology

In today’s rapidly evolving transportation landscape, shippers face significant challenges when it comes to navigating the intricacies of LTL pricing.

Developed with SMC3, an industry leader in LTL technology solutions, ExactRate aims to simplify the process and empower shippers with a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes pricing strategies! 


Averitt Connect + Averitt ExactRate

Ready to access Averitt ExactRate now without a lengthy integration? Connect with your Averitt Transportation Specialist to access Averitt ExactRate via our multi-carrier TMS Averitt Connect (some restrictions may apply). Not an Averitt Connect user? Sign up today at


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