Beginning April 8, 2023, the National Motor Freight Classification® (NMFC) will introduce several changes that are intended to make the NMFC system easier for shippers.

In an effort to help streamline and simplify the system for shippers, the organization's Freight Classification Development Council (FCDC) took steps to consolidate and alter groups, as well as remove obsolete groups. 

According to an NMFTA announcement, groups affected include:

  • Brooms Group
  • Cabinets, or Parts Named
  • Conduits, Other Than Earthen, Group
  • Dental, Hospital or Medical Supply Group
  • Foodstuffs Group
  • Furniture Group
  • Furniture Parts Group
  • Pads, Padding and Related Articles Group
  • Plastic or Rubber Articles, Other Than Expanded, Group
  • Plastic or Rubber Articles or Materials, Expanded, Group
  • Wheels or Wheel Blanks

The changes are part of the FCDC's "Classification Reimagined" initiative that aims to make the process of classifying items more intuitive and easy.

“The result is hundreds fewer items,” says NMFTA Vice President of Classification Joel Ringer. “It’s a streamlined set of provisions that are hopefully easier to understand, to apply and to verify. The goal in all this is to make it easier for people who use the classification to apply the provisions, how to classify different articles and verify that the provisions are being used correctly. I think in this particular instance, we’ve done this.”

For more information on the full list of classification changes, please refer to the FCDC's Notice of Disposition (Docket 2023-1).