Mobile, Alabama well-known for its historical importance and cultural heritage is quickly establishing itself as an essential logistics hub in the Southern United States. This shift is not only transforming the city's economic landscape but also highlighting its strategic role in transportation and supply chain management.

Averitt's decision to open a new, advanced distribution center in Mobile is a clear indicator of the city's growing capacity and increasingly crucial role in regional and national transportation networks.

A Brief History

Established in 1702, Mobile is one of America's oldest cities. Initially a colony of France, it later came under British and Spanish rule before becoming part of the United States in 1813. Mobile's strategic position on the Gulf Coast has long been a major asset, establishing it as a key trading port in the cotton trade and as a gateway to the Mississippi River. This historical backdrop has paved the way for Mobile to evolve into a modern center for commerce and transportation, leveraging its deep-rooted connection to maritime trade and logistics.

The Rise of Mobile as a Logistics Powerhouse

Mobile’s increasing role as a central hub in the logistics and supply chain network can be attributed to several key factors:

1.) Strategic Geographic Position:

Situated on the Gulf Coast, Mobile's prime location is a gateway to the Southern United States and international markets. With direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, the city is ideally positioned for maritime trade, making it a pivotal point for global logistics operations.


2.) Reduced Congestion Compared to Other Ports:

The less congested Port of Mobile offers a significant logistical advantage compared to busier Atlantic and West Coast alternatives. This translates to faster container drayage turnaround and streamlined logistics processes, providing shippers a more efficient and hassle-free option.

3.) Automotive Industry Influence:

The growing presence of the automotive industry in the South has intensified the need for efficient logistics solutions. Mobile has responded accordingly, with an infrastructure designed to support the increased movement of raw materials and automotive parts throughout the region.

4.) Robust and Diverse Infrastructure:

The city is equipped with a comprehensive infrastructure that includes an extensive highway system, reliable rail and intermodal service connections, and the ever-expanding Port of Mobile. This multifaceted infrastructure can handle a wide range of logistics needs, from large-scale bulk cargo operations to intricate container shipping.

5.) Gateway to Emerging Markets:

Mobile is increasingly recognized as a strategic access point to emerging markets in the Pacific Rim and Latin America. Its location and logistics capabilities make it an attractive hub for businesses looking to expand their reach into these international markets.

Averitt’s Expansion in Mobile

Although Averitt has had a presence in the Mobile market for years, to harness the region’s growing power as a logistics hub, Averitt recently built and opened a cutting-edge distribution and fulfillment center in nearby Theodore, Alabama. This facility represents a significant step forward in our mission to expand our logistics capabilities both regionally and internationally. 

Watch our new video to learn more about Averitt’s expanded presence in Mobile.


Distinguishing Features of Our New Facility Include:

  • Strategic Location: The center is strategically positioned in the South Alabama Logistics Park, just minutes from the Port of Mobile. This location allows for easy over-the-road access to major markets and quick access to maritime transport routes, allowing us to handle international cargo more efficiently. The facility features 120,000 square feet of distribution and fulfillment space and a 35,000 square-foot cross-dock services area, designed to streamline the handling and distribution of goods.

  • Commitment to Sustainability: In line with Averitt's dedication to environmental stewardship, the facility incorporates a number of eco-conscious features to minimize our footprint while maintaining operational efficiency. Energy-efficient LED lighting and all-electric forklifts (photo below) are just some of the technologies we’ve utilized.


  • Advanced Features: The facility is equipped with a 60-door LTL dock featuring a ramp for ground-level access and dock levelers to optimize the loading and unloading process. The adjoining fully ventilated and heated warehouse, with 20 more doors and dock levelers, facilitates a smooth flow of goods. Over 400 truck and trailer parking spaces address the needs of Averitt’s extensive fleet. And the Driver Support Center includes amenities such as a lounge, satellite television, restrooms with showers, and a laundry room.

  • Enhanced Security: Electric fencing and a gated entry system control access to the facility, while round-the-clock video surveillance ensures continuous monitoring and security of the premises.


Economic and Environmental Impact

This new state-of-the-art facility is more than just a logistical hub; it’s a tool for economic development and an example of environmental stewardship:

  • Boost to the Local Community: By opening this facility, Averitt creates numerous job opportunities ranging from logistical and warehousing positions to administrative and managerial roles. This influx of jobs provides employment to local residents and helps stimulate growth in related businesses and services in the region.

  • A Demonstration of Environmental Standards: The integration of eco-friendly technologies like energy-efficient LED lighting and electric forklifts demonstrates Averitt's commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a greener supply chain. By prioritizing sustainability, we're minimizing our environmental impact and setting a benchmark for responsible operations in the logistics industry.


Why Averitt Is Perfectly Positioned to Help Shippers Capitalize on Mobile's Growth

Two main aspects underscore Averitt’s strategic advantage...

Superior Port Fulfillment Services:

Our comprehensive suite of port logistics services sets us apart from the competition and makes Averitt an indispensable partner for businesses leveraging Mobile's logistics capabilities. These services include:

  • Drayage Service: Efficient and reliable cargo transport between the port and Averitt's facilities or directly to customers, ensuring timely and safe delivery.

  • Transloading Services: Seamless transfer of goods between different modes of transportation, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of supply chain operations.

  • Distribution and Fulfillment: Leveraging our facility’s strategic location ensures that goods are stored, managed, and delivered with precision and care.

Watch our new video to learn more about Averitt Distribution and Fulfillment.

Strong Partnerships with Key Industry Players:

Averitt’s collaboration with APM Terminals and the Alabama Port Authority further strengthens its role in Mobile’s logistics sector. These partnerships facilitate:

1.) Enhanced Access and Efficiency: Working closely with APM Terminals allows Averitt to optimize container movements, reduce turnaround times, and improve overall efficiency in cargo handling.

2.) Strategic Coordination: The alliance with the Alabama Port Authority enables Averitt to stay ahead of industry trends and adapt to evolving logistics demands, ensuring that infrastructure and services are aligned with the needs of the growing port activities.

3.) Integrated Logistics Solutions: These collaborations allow Averitt to offer integrated and comprehensive logistics solutions, combining port operations with inland transportation and warehousing services, creating a seamless customer supply chain experience.

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Ongoing Impact

As Mobile continues to assert itself as a key logistics hub, Averitt’s strategic location and strong partnerships position us as a major player in the region’s logistics expansion. By leveraging these strengths, Averitt is not just participating in Mobile’s development; we’re helping to drive it forward.

Our commitment to providing top-tier port fulfillment services and integrated logistics solutions is setting new standards in the industry, ensuring efficient supply chain operations in the Southern United States and beyond.

Watch our new video to learn more about Averitt’s expanded presence in Mobile.

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