Keeping the CMA Fest Rolling: Averitt’s OTL Takes the Wheel

For over five decades, the CMA Festival has been a cornerstone of Nashville's cultural landscape, celebrating the best of country music and drawing in fans from around the globe. This year’s headliners include the queen of country music herself – Dolly Parton, along with Thomas Rhett, Kelsea Ballerini, Luke Bryan, and many others. As the festival continues to evolve, Averitt's On Tour Logistics (OTL) service plays a vital role behind the scenes, ensuring that the festival's logistical needs are met with precision and expertise.

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We’ve Got Friends in Local Places

At the center of the CMA Festival's success are the intricate logistics that bring everything together. Averitt's OTL team embraces the challenge of coordinating equipment transport, staging setups, and artist support.

"It’s our 10th year supporting the CMA Festival. We’re fortunate to be a part of such a big event for the music industry," said Chris Sheppard, Director of On Tour Logistics Sales at Averitt. "Very few entertainment trucking companies have a local operation – we do more than just the tour, which also sets us apart.”

Averitt’s local presence in Nashville is a significant advantage, enabling the team to handle high volumes of freight with fewer drivers. As the festival gears up, Averitt's OTL drivers begin their crucial work 3-5 days ahead of time, depending on the schedule and demand. Their familiarity with Nashville's streets allows them to navigate the city efficiently, ensuring that staging, sound, lighting, and camera equipment are delivered and set up in a timely manner.

OTL Brantley Gilbert

This logistical efficiency is supported by Averitt's three facilities in the Nashville metropolitan area: a service center, warehouse, and OTL warehouse. While CMA Fest does not store freight at the OTL warehouse, some country artists who perform at the festival use it for their storage and staging needs.

Averitt's touring artists that are attending the CMA Fest include: Thomas Rhett, Brothers Osbourne, Jake Owen, NEEDTOBREATHE, Brantley Gilbert, and Old Dominion.

From delivering equipment to coordinating setups, Averitt's OTL team plays a crucial role in the behind-the-scenes magic of the CMA Festival, reinforcing Nashville's status as a hub of musical creativity and innovation.

"We provide the logistics of the moving parts, and we aim to do it well," added Scott Ulmer, Operations Leader of Averitt’s On Tour Logistics in Nashville. “We understand the unique demands of such a large-scale event and are proud to provide reliable logistics support year after year."

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As a proud recipient of the Parnelli Award for Trucking Company of the Year, Averitt's commitment to excellence in entertainment logistics is unwavering. We provide customized trucking solutions that meet the unique needs of the entertainment industry, from large-scale festivals to individual artist tours. Our dedication to reliability, efficiency, and top-notch service sets us apart in the field, ensuring that every event we support is a resounding success. Here's to another year of keeping the CMA Fest rolling smoothly and celebrating the music that brings us all together.

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Preparation: Wear Boots Made for Walkin’

If you plan on going to the CMA Fest, here are some things you should probably know:

1. Wear comfortable shoes. Due to the high traffic volumes, ongoing construction to the new Nissan Stadium, and limited parking availability in general, you will likely have to walk to get to the different stages, which span from Nissan stadium all the way to the Music City Center with several stages set up in between. Even with rideshare and shuttle options, you will still walk quite a bit, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

2. Be prepared for the heat. While you hike around downtown Nashville to make it to the different stages, keep yourself from being a man of constant sorrow in the Southern summer heat and stop at the water stations that will be set up around town. Additionally, have some sort of protection from the sun.

3. Bring a clear bag. If you plan to bring a bag, it has to be clear per CMA Fest policy. Make sure to check out their website for any other specifics on what is and is not permitted.

4. Have fun! With over 250 acts across 9 stages, CMA Fest is a country music lovers’ dream. Enjoy the experience and remember why you fell in love with the music in the first place.

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