The USTR just posted yesterday an announcement on their website that the feared List 4 group of products ($300 Billion) will be hit beginning Sept 1. The listing, however, has been split into 2 parts, which are being called List 4A (Click here to view), and List 4B (Click here to view). List 4A will be charged at 10%, but is planned to rise to 25% on December 15 when List 4B is effective.

List 4A will be initially charged at 10%.  We are not certain when this will rise to 25%, but if history is any indicator, the rise to 25% could well occur on December 15 when List 4B is effective.  We do not know with any certainty if List 4B will go through this same phased implementation, but again, if history is any indicator, we would expect that to be the case. 

On August 15, the USTR clarified that the Sept. 1 increase will be based on the ENTRY DATE.  As a result, goods may already be on the water now that will see an increase in duties when they are cleared through Customs.

There will be an exclusion process implemented for these lists, just as there have been for Lists 1-3. However, based on the way the exclusion process was handled for List 3, we expect that no exclusion requests will be accepted until or unless the rate rises to the full 25%. 

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