Big Ass Fans (BAF) – a global manufacturer and distributor of high-volume fans based out of Lexington, KY, trusts Averitt with transporting their industry-leading airflow products. As a trusted and reliable transportation and supply chain solutions provider, Averitt helps businesses like BAF achieve their goals by working side-by-side to develop customized transportation solutions. 

Watch the video below to learn about Averitt's partnership with Big Ass Fans that helps them succeed and meet the growing demand for their products.


Transcription of the Video:

Zachary Hahn: Big Ass Fans was started in 1999. It was originally called High Volume Low Speed Fans, which is very boring. I think they quickly figured out that to have a brand that was as interesting and that did as much as the product itself does, the name needed to change. They ended up with Big Ass Fans because they are, indeed, big ass fans. We do the big industrial fans, but we also have residential, directional fans, and evaporative coolers.  

What I really enjoy about working with Averitt is they don't just feel different, the hospitality and the relationships that you build with the folks at Averitt is different. That care and that same level of dedication is really extended to each and every shipment. 

Me personally, I've also been an officer in the Kentucky Army National Guard going on nine years, and I’ve been in the Guard for 12 years as a whole. I started out as a logistics officer there and have dealt with a lot of folks that are drivers or work in the logistics industry on the civilian side. Several of them have worked for Averitt. When you take that plus my own experience with Averitt now in the professional world, when I meet somebody that's looking for a job in logistics, I can sum up all those experiences and share what Averitt stands for. I definitely say something like, “Have you considered working at Averitt?” 

We want to be a billion-dollar company. That's what our CEO tells us every day. And when you look at Averitt, I know they have the capacity, the ability and definitely the desire to grow with us along that way. They want to help us scale up and achieve our goals, too. So, I feel confident that Averitt will be able to help us do that. 

Averitt is a great fit because we know that they're going to do everything they can to make the transportation and the logistical aspect of what we do go an extension of our product as a whole. You know that your freight is in good hands when you give it to Averitt. 

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