Eclipsing Expectations: Navigating the 2024 Solar Eclipse

The upcoming solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024, promises to be a captivating astronomical event, but it could also affect supply chains and transportation, especially without proper planning. Here's a short guide on what you need to know about this rare occurrence, along with crucial transportation tips. 

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Fascinating Eclipse Facts: 2017 vs 2024

The 2024 solar eclipse promises to be an extraordinary display, featuring several captivating elements that set it apart from its predecessor in 2017.

Extended Totality

Totality during the 2024 eclipse could last twice as long as in 2017, depending on your location. This extended period of darkness is set to be the longest on land for over a decade.

Grand Corona

Get ready for a spectacular view of the sun's corona - the outer atmosphere visible during a total solar eclipse - as it is expected to be exceptionally large.

Planetary Companions

Venus and Jupiter will be visible near the sun during totality – so make sure to look for them.

Pathway Intersection

The paths of the 2017 and 2024 eclipses intersect a section of the country that spans about 9,000 square miles – centered in Cedar Lake, IL near Carbondale, IL

Solar Eclipse - 2017 and 2024 paths

Safety Tips for a Memorable Experience:

While enjoying the celestial show, it's crucial to prioritize safety. Here are practical tips to ensure a seamless and secure experience:

Travel Planning

If you are planning to travel to experience the eclipse, plan out your route before heading out. Whether you’re eclipse-chasing or transporting a shipment during the celestial event, a well-thought-out plan will ensure a smoother journey and reduce the risk of unexpected delays.

Traffic Expectations

Anticipate increased traffic, as seen during the 2017 eclipse when congestion lasted up to 13 hours after the event. If you are anywhere near the path of totality, make sure to factor in extra time for your journey and be patient on the roads.

Cross-Border: Unlike the 2017 eclipse, this eclipse will pass through both the Mexico-U.S. border and the Canada-U.S. border. The above tips apply even more to the border, as border patrol and customs already create a bottleneck.

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Minimize Stops

Traffic may come to a standstill during the eclipse, so try to minimize unnecessary stops to keep the flow moving smoothly.

Stay Informed

Keep yourself updated on weather conditions, events, and road closures. Real-time information and someone knowing your location can also help you make informed decisions during your journey.

Eye Protection

As always, use proper eyewear to safely observe the eclipse. Protect your eyes from the sun's intense rays by using certified solar viewing glasses or filters. Never attempt to look directly at the sun without adequate protection. NASA has some tips and information about this here. For a list of suppliers for solar filters, the American Astronomical Society has it here. Do not wear solar viewing glasses or filters while driving.

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Potential Impact on Supply Chain Operations

For businesses situated along the path of the 2024 solar eclipse, proactively engaging with service providers ahead of time is pivotal. Establishing clear communication channels can aid in devising alternative delivery plans or adjusting delivery dates to mitigate potential disruptions. Taking these preparatory steps ensures a smoother logistical operation.

Anticipating a surge in traffic congestion during the 2024 solar eclipse, various regions across the U.S. may face an elevated risk of shipment delays. There's a possibility that certain shipments could experience delays of up to a day or more in specific areas. Numerous educational institutions, government offices, and businesses may opt for early closures or a complete shutdown for the day. Such widespread closures could introduce additional complexities; be sure to communicate effectively with your transportation partners.

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Enjoy the Show

As the 2024 solar eclipse approaches, arm yourself with these facts and safety tips for an unforgettable experience. Whether you find yourself in the path of totality or witness the partial eclipse from afar, this celestial event promises to be a rare and unforgettable experience. Remember, safety is the key to enjoying this spectacle to the fullest. Stay informed, plan effectively, and witness the beauty of the cosmos safely. 

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