In late 2021, we asked shippers to participate in our 7th annual State of the North American Supply Chain survey. The purpose of the survey is gauge the challenges that shippers faced over the course of 2021, and to gain a better understanding of what they believe will be their biggest challenges in 2022. 

More than 1,800 shippers from a wide variety of industries participated in the survey. Upon compiling and analyzing the results, we found several key points of interest.

  • 75.93% anticipate increased shipping volumes in 2022 – the highest percentage recorded in the survey’s seven-year history
  • 37% of all respondents struggled with capacity challenges within their supply chain in 2021 compared to 25% that reported issues in 2020
  • 57% experienced delays with truckload shipments in 2021 compared to 42% in 2020
  • 71% foresee higher LTL rates in 2022 – an eleven-percentage point increase from 2021
  • Nearly 43% of all respondents will use residential shipping services in 2022 compared to 34% surveyed five years ago
  • 33% of the respondents were challenged with on-time inland container deliveries in 2021 – nearly double the rate recorded in 2020 (17%)
  • And more...

In order to help other shippers plan and prepare for the rest of year, we've compiled the results into a free white paper. This white paper is free to download and share with colleagues and friends. We hope that you will find value in the feedback provided by more than 2,300 industry peers.

Click Here To Download  The Results White Paper