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Averitt Beliefs

There are four statements of belief that are foundational to our team: Always Averitt, Associate Sharing, Profit Sharing and Averitt Way

We believe these statements make our team unique. They set us apart from every other organization in our industry and across all industries. And we are proud to say that Our Driving Force is People is at the heart of each one. 

Averitt Beliefs

Always Averitt

Who we were... who we are... and who we'll always be.

There’s no other company in America quite like Averitt. And that’s a very special thing.

Since our humble beginnings in 1971, there’s one philosophy we’ve relied on to guide our every decision – a single core belief that’s defined our purpose and our future: OUR DRIVING FORCE IS PEOPLE.

More than any other idea, that statement has established our identity, defined our priorities, and determined our outcomes. Because those five words contain the entire promise of our company – that our shared success is determined by our shared efforts.

We succeed only through the collective passion, skills and ideas of every associate.

We call it THE POWER OF ONE – the belief that we each have ownership of, and an impact on, the success of the entire team:

    When our Associates provide outstanding service…
    Our Customers trust us with more of their business.
    This growth secures our Future.

Our commitment to that simple belief has never wavered. And it never will.

Because our commitment to having a formal succession plan, ALWAYS AVERITT, guarantees it.

For over 50 years, the concept of trust has been the key to our success; trust in each other, trust from our customers, and trust in our future.

FOR OUR ASSOCIATES, that trust is reflected in a culture that promotes from within, that shares rewards as well as effort, and that bolsters the community and the company through Averitt Charities.

FOR OUR CUSTOMERS, that trust is reflected in our commitment to service – in the way we continually prove our value through exceptional dependability, creativity and innovation.

FOR OUR FUTURE, that trust is showcased by our continued independence – by remaining privately held, fostering our unique culture, and by investing our profits in the ongoing stability and growth of the company.

This trust has been the basis for our past success. And it’s the foundation on which our Future success will be built.

The ALWAYS AVERITT statement is based on the assurance that our past commitment is our future commitment. It’s built on the same values. The same vision. And as such, it will never be broken.

The plan is a way to honor our Associates’ years of dedication and achievement, and to ensure that each of them can be forever proud.

Every single person who has ever worn Averitt Red is a part of our story – so our plan guarantees them pride of ownership for generations to come.

The Always Averitt statement ensures that we will remain independent.

That we will continue to foster our culture by recruiting and developing the best people.

That we will stay creative and innovative for our Customers.

And that we will continue to nurture our communities, our Associates, and our company through the good works of Averitt Charities.

The statement isn’t linked to any one person. It’s linked to every Associate – past, present, and future.


That’s who we’ve always been, and it’s who we’ll always be.

Which is what will keep us ALWAYS AVERITT – forever.

> Learn more about Averitt's Succession Plan

Associate Sharing

This statement expresses our decades-long history of giving beyond ourselves and our plan to partner with associates to grow contributions to Averitt Cares for Kids and serve local community organizations. 

For decades our associates have developed a unique culture of giving back to our community. Averitt associates have set an extraordinary tradition of giving to those in need. 

To honor our associates for their generosity and to ensure our ongoing support, the company will contribute to Averitt Charities in partnership with our associates. 

The goal over time is to match our associates’ immense charitable giving. 

  • We will continue to enhance charitable giving to honor events in the lives of our associates
  • We will also innovate and grow our match to the team’s community service program

With this goal in mind, we control our destiny while supporting our communities. All funds received will continue to be distributed at the generous discretion of the Averitt Charities Board.

We’re inspired by the giving spirit of Danny Thomas, the founder of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Danny Thomas has been quoted as saying, “Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others.” Averitt’s associates have shown their compassion for those in need through the formation of and ongoing contributions to Averitt Cares for Kids. We are truly proud of the giving nature of our associate team.

Our Associate Sharing Plan is simply the continuation of the steadfast philosophy of our culture.

Profit Sharing

This statement speaks to our track record for sharing financial rewards with our associates, enabling them to enjoy measurable results of their efforts and help fuel their retirement plans. 

Our commitment to excellence is our core. Our Profit Sharing plan is unique in that it inspires our associates to focus on teamwork, innovation and efficiencies. Results from these efforts deliver more value to our customers and more profits for our team. Profits that are reinvested for our future and shared with our associates to invest in their future. 

Our plan is simple. The better we do together, the better we all do individually. Because we control our own destiny, there is no cap on the amount of Profit Sharing contributions. The sky truly is the limit.

  • Each month, 20% of company profit is set aside as Profit Sharing contributions for our associates 
  • All associates participate 
  • Profit Sharing contributions are deposited into associates’ 401(k) accounts 
  • All associates have a 401(k) account funded in part or completely through Profit Sharing 
  • There is no limit to the amount of Profit Sharing per month or year 

Share the efforts. Share the rewards.

Averitt Way

This statement draws definition around our unique culture of building a strong team by helping associates to succeed in their chosen position and any other advancement opportunity they pursue. 

The Averitt culture is built on a solid foundation of helping others succeed. Whether it’s helping our customers, our associates or our communities, it’s our priority to lock arms and raise each other up, working as one to secure our future for the greater good of all. 

We refer to our unique culture as The Averitt Way. 

One of the most important things we do to foster The Averitt Way is to recruit the best of the best teammates, invest in developing them to their fullest potential, and promoting from within. 

As our leaders are coached up through The Averitt Way, we invest in training each in our performance management system. We teach them to: 

  • Lead Well – By setting clear goals, mentoring associates and encouraging them to grow and prosper 
  • Sell Well – By putting our customers first and providing creative and innovative solutions 
  • Grow Well – By embracing a culture of innovation and continuing a journey to excellence 
  • Live Well – By enjoying all the benefits and value of being an Averitt associate 

Our “Why” is to work together to help people succeed.

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