Averitt Succession Plan

“Always Averitt” – Ensuring a Stable, Consistent Future!

As Averitt continues to grow, it’s important we stay firmly committed to the culture and values that have helped us achieve success.

One step our leadership team has taken in recent years to affirm our values is to establish the Averitt Beliefs, four statements that are foundational to our team: “Always Averitt,” “Associate Sharing,” “Profit Sharing” and “Averitt Way.”

The first statement of belief is what we call “Always Averitt.” This statement expresses that we have a formal succession plan to ensure our unique culture thrives for generations to come. While our formal plan is bigger than any one person, it does specifically address what will happen with Averitt over the long-term.


Leadership Structure

An important part of our plan for the future is what we call our Management Team.

Established several years ago, this team consists of all our vice presidents, each of whom has demonstrated their long-term commitment to Averitt and who has excelled in their responsibilities.

Members of the Management Team have been selected – and always will be selected – from amongst our best leaders, coaches and teachers. They have worked diligently to develop our associates in reaching their full potential, advance the Averitt culture and help us remain independent.

Additionally, our plan ensures we will always have a group of leaders who are part of the Management Team who will also serve as an Executive Team. The role of the Executive Team will continue to be ensuring we have a clear vision for the future through innovation, creativity, development of our people, investments in our infrastructure, and a steadfast commitment to remaining financially independent for generations to come.

Of course, while the people who serve in those Executive Team roles will change through the years, those Executive Team positions will always be filled by members of the Management Team – associates who have demonstrated their long-term commitment to Averitt and who have excelled in their responsibilities. This process ensures our team will always be led by people who are dedicated to doing things The Averitt Way.


Ensuring a Stable, Consistent Future Together

In addition to addressing leadership structure, our “Always Averitt” statement demonstrates our commitment to staying private, independent and in control of our own destiny.

The plan honors our associates’ years of dedication and achievement and ensures that each of them can be forever proud. Every single person who has ever worn Averitt Red is a part of our story – so our plan guarantees them pride of ownership for generations to come.

The plan isn’t linked to any one person. It’s linked to every associate – past, present and future.

Because at Averitt, OUR DRIVING FORCE IS PEOPLE. That’s who we’ve always been, and it’s who we’ll always be.

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