Shipping Rules


The Averitt 100 Rules Tariff provides specific information on Averitt's shipping rules and rating guidelines.

Averitt 100 Rules Tariff



The Averitt White Glove Rules Tariff provides specific information on Averitt's shipping rules and rating guidelines for White Glove shipments.

Averitt White Glove Service Rules





AVRT 100 includes Averitt's general and terminal services rules and charges including, but in no way limited to, accessorial charges, fuel surcharge, and liability limitations. This tariff and its supplement and/or successive issues are applicable to all traffic except as otherwise provided. Rates will be negotiated and set via a separate written agreement that shall and must incorporate AVRT 100.

Important Legal Notice:

  1. Tariff information provided on this website is subject to change without prior notice. All shipments are subject to Averitt tariffs in effect on the date of the shipment as maintained at Averitt's principal place of business in Cookeville, Tennessee. All transportation charges on a shipment will be assessed on the basis of provisions legally in effect at the time of shipment and on the characteristics of the freight actually tendered to Averitt. In the event of a conflict between tariff as provided herein and the actual tariffs maintained by Averitt at its general office, such tariffs maintained at its principal place of business will prevail.

  2. This notice supersedes and negates any claimed oral or written contract, promise, agreed upon representation, or understanding between the parties, except to the extent of any written, individual published exception to this tariff or a written contract signed by an authorized representative of Averitt. Only a company officer, the Director of Pricing and Traffic, or an appropriate designee is authorized to sign transportation contracts.

    Except where limited otherwise, Averitt's liability for loss, damage, or delay will not exceed five dollars ($5.00) per pound per package, subject to a maximum liability of one-hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) per shipment, whichever is lower, unless the Shipper, at time of shipment, has requested excess valuation coverage pursuant to the terms of AVRT 100.

  3. All shipments tendered to Averitt are subject to the terms and conditions of the National Motor Freight Classification ("NMFC") Uniform Domestic Bill of Lading as in effect the date of shipment. All cargo claims for damages must be filed with Averitt within nine (9) months of the date of delivery or for loss within nine (9) months from the date of the bill of lading. Any lawsuit relating to a cargo claim filed with Averitt must be filed within two (2) two years after the date Averitt has given electronic or written notice that it has disallowed all or any part of the claim specified in the notice.

  4. A copy of the current AVRT 100 maintained by Averitt at its principal place of business will be made available upon request.

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