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Averitt Express: Coronavirus Update

By Averitt on Aug 1, 2021 12:00:00 AM


One of Averitt's highest priorities is to protect the health and safety of our associates, customers and the general public. Rest assured, we are approaching and adapting to the ongoing situation with regard to the coronavirus pandemic through continuous monitoring and safe practices at all levels of our company.


Averitt has a pandemic plan in place that includes contingency plans for possible work disruption issues. This plan is updated almost daily and is being shared with all levels of leadership. 

Daily Practices and Safety Procedures, Include:

  • Continued encouragement of mask usage
  • Encouraging associates to be vaccinated
  • Maintaining social distancing within Averitt facilities and with customers
  • Limiting group gatherings and meetings
  • Continued distribution of masks and sanitizers for our associates
  • Close monitoring of CDC guidelines in each market and ensuring regular communications with associates

Operational Adjustments & Procedures To Be Aware Of

Delivery Receipt Procedure Modification

Effective March 24, 2020, we will not require a consignee signature on a Delivery Receipt if the consignee does not feel comfortable due to social distancing guidelines.

In this situation, our driver will:

  • Print the receiver’s name in the appropriate location, then note that the driver entered the name by initialing the printed name.  
  • Enter COVID-19 as the signature and, as always, enter the company name the freight is being delivering to. See example below
  • Leave the consignee’s copy of the DR with the freight or instruct the consignee to print a copy from
  • In the event a DR cannot be left with consignee, the customer can visit to obtain a digital copy.


Dock Pickup Procedure Modification

Effective March 24, 2020, customers authorized to pick up at an Averitt dock must make an appointment.

  • The customer will be directed to the ramp or designated loading area. Please stay in or with their vehicle.
  • Averitt associates will write the customer’s vehicle license plate number on the delivery receipt instead of the customer’s driver’s license number.
  • An Averitt dock associate will retrieve the shipment and ask the customer to sign the delivery receipt prior to loading.
  • If the customer prefers not to sign the DR out of coronavirus concerns, Averitt associates will complete the modified DR protocol.

Inside Deliveries FOr Residential Locations

Effective March 25, 2020, we are suspending Inside Delivery at residential locations.

  • We will continue to deliver to the front door or inside the garage of the residence, when possible for the consignee, but our drivers are restricted from entering the home.

Preventive Steps Averitt Is Taking As A Company

  • Our attendance policy has been adjusted to not allow associates who have viral symptoms at work
  • When possible, office-based associates are able to telecommute
  • Associates are actively utilizing "social distancing" practices in facilities and encouraged to practice the same techniques in their personal lives
  • Good health hygiene, as promoted by the CDC, is being stressed daily by leadership
  • Facilities are being cleaned and sanitized on a frequent basis
  • Company gatherings and meetings have been suspended until further notice
  • Sanitizers and wipes are being provided for office personnel and in-cab for drivers
  • Screening associates who have traveled overseas to determine quarantine needs according to CDC guidance 
  • Screening outside vendors for possible contact with infected persons
  • Adhering to guidance stemming from national emergency declaration
  • We are reviewing and implementing CDC and WHO guidance daily

Sales-Related Preventive Actions

  • International business trips by associates are suspended until further notice
  • When possible, sales associates are engaging in sales calls and customer meetings via phone and teleconference


In Terms of Potential Impact On Service

Averitt's routing and operations teams are trained to adapt to changing conditions that can impact our customers' supply chains. 
From an operational standpoint, the basic fear in any pandemic scenario is that a significant number of employees could be unable to attend work due to illness, thus hampering a company's ability to perform services. With this in mind, Averitt continues to monitor the status of COVID, as we monitor every potential pandemic, in accordance with our personnel and disaster preparedness policies.
  • Averitt is maintaining delivery services except where limited by government restrictions
  • Any changes to operations will be communicated to impacted customers and updated on our website

regarding packaging and imported cargo

According to the CDC, two other coronaviruses have emerged previously causing severe illness in people (MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV). While the CDC has not indicated for sure that this virus will behave the same way as SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, they have pointed to the information gained from both earlier coronaviruses for guidance.

Because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, the CDC has confirmed there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures. Again, according to CDC, there is currently no evidence to support transmission of coronavirus associated with imported goods. None of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States have been associated with imported goods.

Averitt Is Continuously Monitoring & Adapting

Averitt continues to monitor this situation and hopes to have more definitive information as the situation develops.

We value our Customers, our Associates, and our Future. We are communicating precautions and awareness to our internal associates and will continue to communicate with you as the situation develops.



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