Following this guide you will be able to see the typography, styles, and layout to better understand how each section works.


Refer to homepage to see the different layouts in action

The following layouts are from the CLEAN 6 template

Hero Banner

The Banner that is used site-wide is the "Clean 6 - Hero - Banner" 


The columns that is used on most pages is the "Clean 6 - Row - Multi-Column Content"

This module is used to create up to 4 columns on single row, but is also useful for creating a single column under the Banner and setting it to overlap the banner.

Flexi Cards

The "Clean 6 - Row - Flexi Cards" is used to create card like styles and allows you to add an image and text underneath. You can also set each card to link to another page. 

Image/video and text

The "Clean 6 - Row - image and text" and "Clean 6 - Row - video and text" is used to add Image or video on one side and text on the other. 

*Note: If you are adding more than one of these modules, you will need to alternate for each section. For example, if you add the image/video to the left and text to the right, You will add the text to the left and the image/video to the right on the next section.