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Optimizing Fuel Use in Your Supply Chain

By Point To Point on June, 2 2022

The rising cost and decreased supply of fuel continue to pose a significant challenge for shippers and carriers alike. Ongoing concerns over inflation, foreign wars, and economic uncertainty have only exacerbated the problem, with the national average price of diesel fuel soaring past previous records. As of May 16, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported an average increase of $2.37 over a year ago, with sections of the East Coast seeing hikes of $3 or more.

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How Your Carrier Can Help You Ship Green

By Point To Point on April, 19 2018

3 Ways To Reduce Supply Chain Environmental Impact

Together, shippers and carriers can significantly reduce a supply chain's impact on the environment. Knowing which questions to ask of your carriers and how to identify service providers with a green mindset may not always be clear though. Consider these three factors when looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint with the help of your carriers.

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How Green Are Your Carriers?

By Point To Point on January, 10 2010

Green is everywhere! From product packaging to energy-efficient warehouses to waste reduction, supply chain professionals are paying closer attention to how their practices impact the environment.

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