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Erik Hernandez - Petco Driver, Braselton GA

By Averitt on Jul 8, 2021 2:29:53 PM

Averitt was a dream come true for me. When I first started school, I did my fair share of research on different companies. Averitt always came up on top. I told myself I was going to drive for Averitt one day, even if I had to start somewhere else to gain experience, then eventually get on with Averitt Express.

I called the recruiters a couple of times while In school, and each time they would tell me they weren’t taking students at the time, but I didn’t lose hope. When I finished school I called again, but they still weren’t taking students. That next week it’s almost as if God spoke to me and told me to look at the job openings for Averitt. So I did and saw that Braselton, GA was hiring and they were taking students! So of course I was quick to call! That’s when I talked to my recruiter, Chase Farley. He told me that he would let me know when they were ready to take students, because at the time they weren’t taking any.

I was actually in orientation to drive for another carrier at that time. So the next day I got my drug test and literally right when I get in my car to go home I had a missed call and a voicemail. It was Chase Farley telling me they were ready to take students! It was a blessing from above. I was on my way to be part of the Averitt Team!


Written by Averitt