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Bennie Paul - Truckload Driver, Dothan AL

By Averitt on Jul 9, 2021 6:00:00 AM

My Averitt story began on 10-19-20. I was making a move based on a recommendation from a friend who was already employed with the company and has been for 30 years. I was looking for better home time than I currently had. That was my main concern, and I figured, he’s been here 30 years, must not be too bad.

I will say, even though Averitt is a large company, I still feel more like I’m part of a family than just a driver number, everywhere I go. That means a lot. Plus, the thing that most impressed me was that Mr. Sasser himself actually took the time to call me personally after I was hired. That too, coming from a larger company, you rarely ever see the owners call the drivers, if ever. That got my respect. I thought to myself, that’s just awesome. I like working for a man that will take the time to meet me personally, even though his operation is on such a large scale.

Everywhere I go, from service center to service center, everyone is welcoming, and other drivers are helpful and friendly. That too means a lot when you’re out here on the road. Overall, I say I have a chosen a great company to finish my career with and I don’t see myself going anywhere! Wonderful environment and people!

I would recommend any driver or other employee looking for a home, to come over to us. I look forward to many years and adventure! No disappointment here!


Written by Averitt