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Matthew Wiseman - PODS Driver, Roanoke, VA

By Averitt on May 4, 2021 2:23:27 PM

I started with Averitt back in December 2015 at the age of 21 and I have been with Averitt ever since. I have learned so much during these 5-1/2 years with Averitt and also from so many of the veteran drivers.

No job is perfect, but at Averitt I'm pretty happy with the respect, care and pay that I receive week in and week out. I have driven OTR, Shuttle, City and now Supply Chain with Averitt. I have met a lot of managers who respect me and know that I WILL get the job done and that is why I still fill in when I have the hours. I was offered a leadership role at Richmond, VA for the PODS account at the age of 24, but I decided to turn it down. Like that old saying goes, "once that diesel is in you, you're hooked," though I still fill in when my leader is off or on vacation from time to time. I love to drive an 18-wheeler so much that I do it 6 days a week. There's just something about cruising down the road with my music and a super clean truck that just makes me feel proud. I have been offered other jobs that offer bigger and faster trucks, but it is hard to beat what I have accomplished with the help of others here at Averitt. My life has dramatically changed since coming to Averitt. I have saved up and bought a house, have paid off all my debt, have a much better relationship with my family since becoming local, and have just recently adopted a Pitbull. My latest goal is continuing to save up for a nice house in the country with some acres. Once COVID-19 hit, Averitt has shown its true colors and that drivers come first before the dollar! Even after all that, we still managed to stay busy throughout these hard times. Here at Averitt, I'm really comfortable, proud and respected, and I do not plan on going anywhere!


Written by Averitt