In It For The Long Haul

Our People, Service Keep Partnership With
Collins Manufacturing Strong

In 2021, our team is celebrating 50 years. An important reason we’re able to recognize this incredible milestone is the strong bonds we’ve created with longtime customers.

One of those is Collins Manufacturing, a Cookeville, TN-based company that produces salon furnishings and equipment. We’ve partnered with Collins Manufacturing for 30-plus years, and its team has grown over the years along with ours, from $3 million per year in business just 20 years ago to $20 million per year today.

The services we deliver to Collins  Manufacturing are a true example of The Power of One provider, ranging from Truckload to LTL, multimodal, international and expedited.

"They realize that we’re a one-stop shop," says Cookeville transportation specialist Joe Wall, who has been with Averitt for 32 years. "They come to Averitt for anything they need to be shipped to see what we can do."

Another important aspect of our relationship is how our driving force sets us apart from the competition.

"I've never had any problems with Averitt drivers," says Terry Boone of Collins Manufacturing’s leadership. "There are other companies whose drivers have a bad attitude, and that’s never happened with any of the Averitt drivers we see. That makes a big impression, and it says a lot about the type of people you hire."

Terry – who has been with Collins Manufacturing for 20 years – says it's also important that our team has his back when he needs help.

"Averitt's customer service is good. Whenever I need information, Averitt's response is good," he says. "Overall, Averitt takes good care of us. And whenever we might have challenges, Averitt is available to take care of those."

Joe adds that our strong track record of stability is a plus.

"Collins Manufacturing knows we're solid and that we're here for the long haul," he says. "They've got relationships throughout our team. Ownership knows many of our people in Cookeville."

We talk frequently about how important it is for our team to grow, including finding People Like You. Terry says continued growth will help us earn even more business with Collins Manufacturing and build our relationship for many years to come.

We're thankful for the team effort that makes partnerships like these possible. From our driving force to our support associates, everyone plays an important role. And as we continue to deliver outstanding service, we're helping our team stay strong for the next 50 years and beyond!