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Honky Tonks & Highways: How Nashville Became a Critical Logistics Hub

By Point To Point on October, 24 2023

Through the years, Nashville has been celebrated for a wide range of qualities – from its vibrant music scene, to its role as a healthcare epicenter, to its famous hot chicken and more. But there’s another important facet of the city that’s often overlooked – its role as a crucial logistics hub for the transportation and distribution industries.

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Five Ways Averitt Fosters a Safety Culture and Reduces Risk

By Point To Point on October, 10 2023

Shippers rely on their supply chain partners to deliver their products efficiently and effectively, making safety essential.

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The Impact of the Truck Driver Parking Shortage on Supply Chains

By Point To Point on October, 3 2023


It’s no secret that the nationwide scarcity of truck parking is disrupting supply chains, safety, and driver recruitment. This issue has garnered attention from several industry news sources, like FreightWaves and Transport Topics, and has even seeped into technology in the form of mobile apps to help truck drivers.

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Veterans Day - Thank You!

By Averitt on November, 10 2022

Over a thousand of our current associates - including drivers, members of our executive team, logistics and operations leaders, and administrative professionals - have served or are currently serving in the military. Hiring military personnel is more than a trend for us. It’s a natural fit.

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Averitt meets fuel supply concerns with solid planning

By Averitt on November, 3 2022

With the shipping industry facing concerns about diesel fuel supplies, the Averitt team is keeping a keen eye on supply and has contingencies in place to keep our customers' freight moving.

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The Ongoing Challenge of Driver Detention

By Averitt on October, 19 2022

Truck driver detention is nothing new. The issue has been discussed, debated, and argued about for years. Yet, in all that time, the challenge has only worsened – causing increasing ripples across supply chains and throwing off truckload delivery schedules that were already impacted by supply shortages, capacity issues, and an ongoing driver shortage. In this post, we examine some of the contributing factors.

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The Role Of Technology in Driver Safety

By Point To Point on September, 19 2022

Trucking is an indispensable part of the US economy, accounting for roughly 70% of all goods transported nationwide. Truck driving is also the most common job in roughly 28 of the country’s 50 states. 

Yet every time a truck driver gets behind the wheel, they face risks. The occupation ranks among the most dangerous in America, with upwards of 766 fatal injuries annually. Although 80% of these accidents are caused by cars and other passenger vehicles, accidents can also be caused by any number of factors – such as careless handling of the truck, driver fatigue, and equipment failure.

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Tactics to Improve Driver Retention

By Point To Point on August, 1 2022

The issue of driver retention is an ongoing challenge in the transportation industry. Not only has it become harder to find qualified drivers, but recruiting, vetting, and training them is more time-consuming and expensive than ever.

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Drivers: An Extension Of Your Business

By Point To Point on March, 17 2017

The person driving your product from point A to point B provides more than safe, reliable transportation. For every hour they are associated with your logo and brand, they represent your business to drivers on the road, people at restaurants and truck stops, and ultimately, to your customer. Drivers are an often-overlooked piece of the customer experience puzzle, but they present a valuable opportunity to represent your company well.

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